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January, 2004 - Issue 16

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From the Coach

Happy New Year 2004.

My personal wish for you is to have a wonderful year filled with new opportunities.

When I put my new pages into my daytimer (not a palm pilot user- yet) it was stimulating to think about filling in all those blank pages with activities during the coming year.

This will be an exciting year for me as I have a new book. "BOOST YOUR INTERVIEW IQ" -- Mc Graw Hill. It is a fun book -- that contains an interview quiz (Virtual Interviews) with 50 popular questions. The reader determines which is the strongest answer, and there is a score card to test your interview IQ. The answers are followed by an explanation of what makes one answer stronger than another. There are fifty questions and 150 possible answers to the questions.

The book also teaches the reader "storytelling." How to write and tell your own stories using a formula to answer those sticky "behavioral questions." I think the book is very unique and should give the reader a stronger sense of what the interviewer is hearing or looking to hear in the course of the interview.

I am also very excited about working with several FBI candidates who are interviewing for the Phase II interview process. The FBI will be hiring as many as 900 people in the upcoming year.

This promises to be a very interesting year on many fronts -- I hope that includes yours.

Best wishes HAPPY 2004!


The Coach

From the Front - The Job Front

Depending on which newspaper or article you read there are mixed messages regarding what can be expected in 2004. There seems to be a sense of optimism but also a caution not to get too optimistic.

People will continue to lose their jobs in large numbers, but at the same time the numbers of those being hired is increasing.

Personally, I do see a change in the number of people getting interviews -- that's good news. The bad news is there are still a huge number of competitors for each job. So, it is extremely important that you be ready and prepared to let the interviewer know what you can bring that the last or next person interviewing cannot.

I've written an article for -- "How To Stand Out From a Crowd of Candidates."

Let's assume that you have an outstanding resume and that you make it to the top of the stack of resumes of people to be called for an interview; you and maybe nine or ten other equally qualified people for the position, that is.

Because companies have so many candidates to choose from, they are interviewing more people so that they can select the "best." When you are lucky enough to be invited to an interview, it is essential that you be ready to sell yourself, to let the interviewers know what makes you unique, what added value you can bring to the position--in other words, why you are the best person for the job.

By doing some basic preparation, you can determine your uniqueness and where you should focus your attention. The first step in this process is to identify your five strengths. These strengths are the areas where you do very well.

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Question of the Month - "Dear Interview Coach"

From a fellow Career Counselor

Q. Dear Carole: I have a quick question that I am hoping you can help with. I have a client who is in the midst of a job search. Her current company was recently written up in the paper regarding an ethics scandal, mistreatment of employees and union violations. My client is a director but not directly involved in any of these dealings. She is worried about this scandal coming up during an interview and she is looking for advice on how to handle it.

Unfortunately, given Enron and all the latest corporate scandals, I was wondering if you have any quick advice on the topic.

A. My feeling is that unless the person was indeed involved in the mis-doing - it had nothing to do with her. If things were going on that she was not aware of - there was nothing she did wrong. If she knew something was wrong and wants to say that is why she left the company, then that is different.

My advice is "don't bring it up at all." If asked about it, tell the interviewer that first of all she didn't know anything about what was happening behind the scenes, and secondly she feels that it would be unprofessional of her to talk about her former company - whether right or wrong it is being taken care of by professional and legal experts. As far as her performance and her job went she was doing a good job.

The Interview Coach

Success Story

Hi Carole:

I had an interview with ADP just recently because HR found my resume online and gave me a chance to be interviewed. I am so happy that I was able to apply everything I have learned from your tele-seminar I attended a month ago. The IT manager was so impressed that aside from being astounded by my English (not to mention I am Filipina and have just been here for 5 years), but with how I answered his questions. I felt equally comfortable talking to him. I hadn't interviewed for many years and I not only got through the interview, but left a great impression on ADP. I now feel I have the confidence and experience about what to say during the interview. I am looking forward to my interviews in the future.

Thanks for your help


L. Q.

IT Professional

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