Dream Job Shortcut #1:
It’s Not About How Qualified You Are

You see, the truth of the matter is, you may be extremely qualified for the position you’re applying for. And still get kicked back into the sea of job seekers, just by making a few simple mistakes – call these mistakes simple, because they really are. However, after interviewing literally 1,000’s of applicants over the years, I can tell you that most people don’t know what these mistakes are.

But once you learn what they are and understand what really makes an interviewer “tick,” making the proper adjustments in your interview skills is a piece of cake. And I guarantee you’ll launch yourself leaps and bounds ahead of other applicants as a result.

In many cases, the people interviewing you are very well trained and prepared to pick apart every nitty gritty detail of your personality and qualifications.

Only for those who are serious
“Getting a Job”
      1. How to prepare for the behavior based interview.
      2. The MOST important trait that you can bring to the interview is Self-Confidence.
      3. Finding Your Uniqueness in Today’s Job Market.
      4. Interviewing – The Who, What, and Why of Interviewing.
      5. Handling Pesky Interview Questions That Keep Coming Up.
      6. Three Common Deadly Mistakes Made In Interviews.
      7. The Second Job Interview – What to Expect.
      8. Closing the Interview Effectively.
      9. How to Prepare for the Panel Job Interview.
      10. How to Handle Multiple Offers.
      11. Tips and resources on how to dress for your best interview appearance.